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The MeisterScreencasts - Freeway7+ episodes

Let’s usher in a new era of FrontEnd developing using FreewayPro 7+ The Meister episodes have been created to extend your knowledge in dealing with the new web-landscape in general. So it’s not only the pure work with FreewayPro 7, they also embrace the idea behind. Ever asked yourself why some Freeway-users do crazy cool things? The following episodes shall give you an answer - or at least an idea.Thomas Kimmich, 8 Jan, 2015
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Highly experimental - WordPress and Freeway

Not a real tutorial, just a cast during work and worth to share.Thomas Kimmich, 13 Oct, 2014
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The Coding Episodes

Whaaattt?Thomas Kimmich, 13 Oct, 2014
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Inlay Tease

Here’s a quick (and unfinished) demo of the Inlay interface, showing a familiar layout indeed. Clicking on a template (in the top section of the left pane, where Master Pages would be in Freeway) shows you the raw template, plus it highlights the pages that are based on that template in the list below. Clicking on a page name shows that page, and highlights the template it is based on.Walter Davis, 5 Jun, 2014
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Dev. of a template - The StoneOven - orig. italian Pizza

Based on the previous episodes, we start to work on a real project. Main purpose of it is to fill the missing stuff and to extend the already learned Box-In-Box Model technique.Thomas Kimmich, 7 Oct, 2013
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The Freeway Box-in-Box ModelPro Version6 - Chapter2

CHAPTER 2 - The dynamic box-in-box Model # Let’s go responsive. As in Chapter1, the introduction of this part is a free episode. We are challenging the basic needs of a responsive work in FreewayPro.Thomas Kimmich, 10 Jun, 2013
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The Freeway Box-in-Box ModelPro Version6 - Chapter1

After having some private (and official) notes, I think it’s time to review my strategy and start to build a box-model that is more simplified. And of course it is now based on FreewayPro Version 6.Thomas Kimmich, 28 Apr, 2013
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Box-in-Box Model Contest - FreewayPro Version 5.6.5

BoxModel Contest is an (nearly) endless series of screencasts with the goal to enable you, building proper and solid inflow constructions. It is a more than alternative way with all the pros and cons, setting up a webpage. It is starting with the ideal page-width of static pages and could end everywhere.Thomas Kimmich, 13 Nov, 2012
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